Ways to Support Gallardo PTA

What happens when you support Gallardo PTA fundraising efforts?

PTA fundraising enhances our children’s education by providing funding beyond what the State of California allocates. With the drop in state funds, reduction in teachers, and increased class size, your donations are more important than ever. These funds will support classrooms, children, teachers, and education at Gallardo Elementary.

All proceeds from our fundraisers (Giving Gators, Jog-a-Thon, Restaurant Nights, amazonsmile,etc.) will help ensure essential programs at Gallardo Elementary continue to happen and new needs of the school are met.  This year, as funds are available, the approved PTA budget will provide the school with improved campus technology, the Accelerated Reader program, supplies for teachers and students, school assemblies, various student programs, and much more.  With continued state budget cuts we need your support now more than ever.